Stalogy Short Sticky Notes, 6 Colours

Stalogy Short Sticky Notes, 6 Colours

Stalogy love to create functional and well designed stationery, that is what they have done with these Sticky Notes that come in 6 colours, they measure 35mm long and 10mm wide. You can obscure less of the page but still leave a legible note despite their smaller size. The notes are made from a translucent sturdy film material, which means they don’t tear so easily compared to most in the industry. More of their surface has an adhesive so despite conventional smaller stickies being harder to stick these ones by Stalogy won’t, they will stick and stay in place. And with 6 colours you can help to organize any notebook or textbook with ease.


  • Made in Japan
  • 60 notes (6 colours × 10 notes)

  • Made from a sturdy film material

  • Translucent

Dimension: 1.5cm x 3.5cm

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