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Our Journey Of Becoming A Top Corporate Gifts Company in Singapore

Happybird Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Hean Lee Radio Service Pte Ltd that was established in 1953. With more than 60 years in the local retail scene, Hean Lee is well known for her products under the brand name of Sound Teoh Electronics. Hean Lee possesses numerous patents for their products that provided an edge over their competitors in the industry.

Through Happybird, Hean Lee hopes to leverage on her experience to assist corporate clients in identifying corporate gift that are impressive, useful and reliable. With this vision, we have established ourselves as one of best corporate gift suppliers in Singapore. In Happybird, we believe we can add values to business entities by being the strategic marketing partner in the area of corporate gifting.

Cheap Corporate Gifts Supplier In Singapore Known For Unmatched Service Quality


Corporate gifts Singapore is a highly competitive industry where there are numerous companies offering similar products and services to their clients. At the same time, many firms claimed that they are the leading companies in the industry; Happybird is simply the new kid on the block. As a newcomer, we strive to propose unique and smart gift ideas to our clients with their budget in mind. This is no easy feat that is why we listen and work closely with our clients and suppliers alike on every project. Happy bird is about smart & cheap corporate gift ideas that work hard for you.

In the world of unlimited wants and limited resources, we often have to grapple between wants and needs. If budget is not an issue, most companies will want to present the nicest and most expensive gifts to their staffs and customers to show their appreciation. However, most often than not, many clients do not have this kind of luxury of working with a big budget in reality. Happy bird can relate to this perfectly. Knowing the importance of stretching every marketing dollar, help shaped Happy bird’s business model and how we operate. We are the top corporate gifts suppliers company in Singapore that offer you creative, personalized gifting ideas without overrunning your budget.

What Happybird can guarantee?

  • Our gifts are not always the cheapest in the market. This is because we ensure quality in our products and this is one area that we cannot save on. However, we are committed in minimizing our operating cost to make sure no redundant expenses are added to the selling price.
  • Our gifts may not always have the shortest delivery time. But we are committed to making sure the gifts arrived within the pre-agreed timeline with status update upon request.
  • We are committed in exhausting our entire supply network and any other available channels to get the best quality products within the budget for our clients
  • Being the best corporate gifts suppliers in Singapore, we cannot always achieve 100% customer satisfaction. But we are committed in taking time to listen and work closely with all our clients. Making sure we deliver what our clients want and not products that are most profitable to us. If we do make mistakes, Happybird will make sure we learn from these encounters and not to repeat them.


Happybird is like a mom-and-pop shop where there is always a personal touch in the products and services she renders. No budget is too big or too small to us; we believe there will always be a gift for everyone. Sincerity, honesty and strong work ethics are attributes that we embrace.

For door gift Singapore ideas and cheap corporate gift Singapore, think Happybird.

Happybird‘s Methodology
  • Listen & Understand
  • Source via network of suppliers
  • Shortlist unique gifts & Propose
  • Quality Control
  • Ensure timely delivery
Happybird‘s Services
  • Business & Corporate Gift
  • Gift for events & product launch
  • Promotional Gift
  • Tradeshow Giveaway
  • O.E.M for distribution and exportation
  • Printing
  • Packaging